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Q: What do you wear at dance classes?

A: Lycra leotards/leggings/cropped tops/cat suits/cycling shorts are all ideal. Shorts and t-shirts are also suitable. Not jeans or skirts please. Boys should wear shorts/joggers/t-shirts - not too baggy if possible.

Remember 3 things:

We need to see your body move

We need to see your feet and ankles   

You must be comfortable


Q: What do you do at classes?

A: A fun warm-up followed by technique work - runs, kicks, spins and leaps across the floor. Next we learn a funky freestyle or street dance routine. Children have fun and express themselves within a loving well-organised environment.

I hold children's happiness in the highest regard and do everything we can to ensure it.

Q: Are you a Dance School?

A: Yes. We are a registered ISTD and IDTA Dancing School. We try to travel to where children are, rather than children having to travel a long way to us. We attend competitions, enter medal tests (exams) and have competitive teams. OUR EMPHASES ARE FUN, CONFIDENCE BUILDING + ENCOURAGEMENT. looking forward to seeing you there!! Dance and have fun

Q: Does your school attend Dance Competitions?

A: Competition Work - The Most Fun You Can Have At The Weekend. Competitions are open to EVERYONE! It doesn't matter if you have only been coming for a few weeks, or you are very young - you are welcome to join in at your own level. Special provision is often made for brand new dancers. The main categories for competitions are as follows:

Solos - You dance your own routine, on the dance floor with lots of other dancers.

Pairs - You dance a routine with a partner, with lots of other pairs.

Trios - They don't often have this section, but as above in a group of three.

 Rock and Roll - You dance a rock & roll/jive routine with a partner.

Street - Popular new section, as for solos but with Street/Hip Hop moves & music.

Slow - A fusion with ballet/theatre dance, with graceful flowing movements.

Team - A choreographed routine of up to 16 dancers - a most spectacular section.


The lovely thing is that, if you do not make a final for your Solos, you have all the other events to look forward to. Dancers often leave with a trophy (and quite often a great big handful).

Q: What is the ADFP?

ADFP is an acronym that you will hear a lot! It stands for: Association of Dance Freestyle Professionals. As a dancing school we are registered with the ADFP, as are Justine and Charlotte as Championship Adjudicators. This means that JustDance Academy can register dancers with their own ADFP cards who can then attend the bigger Sunday competitions. There is a charge by the association of £14.00 for your ADFP card. Team members must register.

At ADFP competitions dancers are separated into even more age groups, but also into STATUS groups as follows: BEGINNERS STARTERS INTERMEDIATES CHAMPIONS

Your teacher - and your rulebook can give you far greater information on A.D.F.P and competitions in general.

Q: What is Street?

A: With Earthy moves to Hip-Hop Grooves, Street takes its cues from the cutting edge in urban sounds. Emphasis is on developing personal style and rhythmic interpretation.

Q: What is Slow?

A: A fusion of Ballet, Jazz and Gym - Slow Dance is a beautiful style in its own right. Developing traditional dance technique in a fresh new way, routines are danced to the latest Chart ballads.

Q: What is Freestyle?

A: Runs, kicks spins and jumps combine to create Hi-Energy routines to the latest dance music. Emphasis is on good technique, fitness and flexibility - with a generous helping of attitude!

If you have any questions about our classes, or dance in general,  email them to info@JustDanceAcademy.co.uk, and we'll do our best!

Frequently Asked Questions